Mango Division Round 1: Gremmie and Scooter
Awards mango1

Mango Division Round 2: Hugo and Skyler

Mango Division Final: Timm and Sasha

Sugarplum Division Round 1: Tony and Trishna

Sugarplum Divison Round 2: Deano and Tohru
Awards keylime

Sugarplum Division Final: Tony and Trishna

Keylime Division Round 1: Wally and Kayla

Keylime Division Round 2: Kenji and Shannon

Keylime Division Round 3: Wally and Akari

Dreamsicle Division Round 1: Robby and Nevada
Awards sugarplum

Dreamsicle Division Round 2: Matt and Clover

Dreamsicle Division Final: Robby and Clover

Semi-Finals 1: Tony and Trishna

Semi-Finals 2: Matt and Clover
Awards dreamsicle

Finals: Matt and Clover

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