Blueberry Division Round 1 : James and Kayla

Blueberry Division Round 2 : Taylor and Wendy

Blueberry Division Finals : James and Utah

Bacon Division Round 1 : Connor and Ivy

Bacon Division Round 2 : Allan and Clover

Bacon Division Finals : Connor and Clover

Jalapeno Division Round 1 : Hugo and Zoe

Jalapeno Division Round 2 : Greg and Peggy

Jalapeno Division Finals : Robby and Peggy

Cheddar Division Round 1 : Timm and Sue

Cheddar Division Round 2 : Doan and Sasha

Cheddar Division Finals : Timm and Tohru

Semi-Finals Round 1 : Taylor and Clover

Semi-Finals Round 2 : Robby and Tohru

Finals : Robby and Peggy
Blueberry winners

Blueberry Division Winners

Cheddar winners

Cheddar Division Winners

Bacon medals

Bacon Division Winners

Jalapeno winners

Jalapeno Division Winners

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