Takas has used iTunes since 2005. His dad had a lot of music on iTunes that time. In 2008, after Nicholas discovered iTunes Store. He used his mom's account to buy extra songs, but he bought 138, and they were all paid. So she changed her password so she won't get anymore reciepts from iTunes. So he used FrostWire, before Takas used it, he wasn't allowed because it slows it down and on rare occasions, may cause a computer virus. After iMesh, he used FrostWire so he won't get into trouble again. He stopped using FrostWire for good in 2011, like his sister, Clio. So now he uses YouTube to Mp3 Converter. Before using YTtMC, He got an iTunes account without credit card in 2009, in order to buy, Free Single of the Week (free admission), Scroll down the bottom :P. He also uses gift cards for the Tap Tap Revenge track packs and the apps. Now he Uses YouTube to Mp3 Converter, it's so cool.

With YouTube to mp3 Converter, you can convert songs on YouTube, which contains songs by :

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Ed Sheeran

James Morrison

Foo Fighters


Foster the People

and many more...

Here's how to get an iTunes account without credit card :

1. Open your iTunes browser

2. Click "App Store"

3. Click any iPhone app from "Top Free Apps"

4. Click "Get App"

5. An iTunes pop up asking you the username and password will appear, select "Register".

6. Then create your account along with all your settings

7. When it says Credit Card, click "None"

8. Voila, your account on iTunes is just made.

Note : If you want the paid stuff, just get an iTunes gift card from availble retailers and redeem it for the money.
You Tube

YouTube, the site where you can "broadcast yourself"

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